Athlete Awards - for 2018-2019

Post date: Oct 19, 2019 5:38:44 PM

What an awesome Athlete Awards Banquet on Friday, October 18th, 2019. After a terrific dinner put on by Grand Gardens, we announced the winners of the awards for each sport and the Athlete of the Year award and followed it all up with a dance with music by Red Velvet Foto! And the winners are ....

Curling - Most Sportsmanlike - Vince Coccimiglio, Most Dedicated - Kristen Bonefant, Most Improved - Brandon Fortin

Floor Hockey - Most Sportsmanlike - Jeremy Olive, Most Dedicated - Tommy Bolen, Most Improved - Billy Miller

Swimming - Most Sportsmanlike - Chuck Showan, Most Dedicated - Kathryn Piccolo, Most Improved - Chris Boulaine

Softball - Most Sportsmanlike - Shevy Harman, Most Dedicated - Andrew Evans, Most Improved - Nathan Harman

Snowshoeing - Most Sportsmanlike - Robbie McBride, Most Dedicated - Joh Caputo, Most Improved - Jamie Hooper

Cross Country Skiing - Most Sportsmanlike - Quinn Pleau-MacWilliam, Most Dedicated - Jason Lemke, Most Improved - Kelsey Barrs

Track and Field - Most Sportsmanlike - Kevin Possamai, Most Dedicated - Brendan Peters, Most Improved - Rachelle Barbeau

Bowling - Most Sportsmanlike - Karleigh Ouellette, Most Dedicated - Tammy Running, Most Improved - Satu Kuisma

Mens - Most Sportsmanlike - Jacob England, Most Dedicated - Mike Kennedy, Most Improved - Brody Hill

Athlete of the Year -- Andrew Evans

Our congratulations to all of our athletes from the 2018-2019! We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments.

Photos below!