Pasta Dinner - May 25, 2018 at Grand Gardens Downtown - $25 per person

Post date: Apr 04, 2018 3:20:53 PM

This year we are very proud and excited that our community has three athletes who have been selected to participate in the National Bowling Championships in PEI (May 13-17). Congratulations to Andrew Evans, Brody Hill and Terry Colizza!

Our community needs to raise funds for the athletes to assist with expenses related to their transportation, meals, accommodations and uniforms. At a minimum, we need to raise $1,200 per athlete!

Our Community Council will be hosting a Jump into Spring Pasta Dinner fundraiser on Friday May 25, 2018 to raise funds to cover our athlete’s expenses. This event will include Draws for prizes and we are hoping that you will be able to contribute to this initiative. If you can donate an item we’ll gladly drop by to pick up the item along with some documentation to identify the value of the item donated. Deadline for donations is April 27, 2018 Tickets to the pasta dinner are available for purchase at $25 each.

If you would like more information, wish to sponsor an athlete, donate an item for our draw table or purchase pasta dinner tickets, please contact or one of our other coaches or volunteers.